One of our services we are really proud of is a making of wedding bouquetes, flowers and decorations. We really enjoy this and while having support from professional flowerists, we still trying to bring new, fresh breeze into this extraordinary matter. Vera Marsalli takes care of complete wedding decorations from floor to the roof. We have plenty of various designs, many of colour possibilities and good touch with flower wholesalers to ensure best quality and freshness of the flowers.We are specialising on complete décor of wedding halls, restaurants and party places. We have a balloon decorations and arches as well. Do you want to make a ready-made wedding bouquete? We will likely make you one!


We offer:

  • Wedding Bouquetes
  • Bouquetes for Bridesmaids and Mothers
  • Ribbon Bows
  • Decorations and Design
  • Wedding Table Décor
  • Ceremony Hall Décor
  • Decorations for Cars
  • Original Thematic Décor
  • Sticks, Pillars, Streamers
  • Flower Arches
  • Carpets, Ribbons, Tableclothes