Vera Marsalli - wedding studio/agency provides a full-service care and offers complex wedding products for both, czech and international couples.

We do specialise on wedding business from A to Z, focusing on Ready-Made Weddings and original Thematic Wedding made individually as per client´s need.

We had organised and realised more than 100 weddings yet, but we are growing every month. Are you foreigner and want to marry in Czech Republic? Oh yeah, absolutelly no problem at all - just let us know and we will take care of everything. Literally. Our agency is here for you, we´ll arrange for bookings, formalities, services, products etc. We speak english :-)

We understand that not everybody is looking for a full-care and complex services, which is practically Ready-Made-Wedding. For those who searching for just a some particular service or product, we have easy solution as well. We simply do it! Just choose.

Regarding Thematic Weddings there is a plenty of variations and possibilities. Of course we are ready to make one acoording to your specific needs and wishes. Don´t hesitate to tell us your dreams - we´ll make it through.

Vera Marsalli - professional wedding agency on your side!

Do you have interest? Do you want to ask more? You can do it now!